Let's Chat!

The Admin of the C-box is Brightpaww. If I change my username on the C-box, you can remember by the little orange person.

We are looking for some great C-box Mods!

Hey guys. I'd like to share some good websites:

http://chawofchaws.inventforum.com/ Owned by Brightpaww

http://newprophecy.inventforum.com/ owned by Wildstorm

http://warriorsrp.inventforum.com/ owned by Inglantine

http://randomrandomness.inventforum.com/ Owned by Sira-Demon Owl

http://twolfc.weebly.com/ Owned by Brightpaww

www.clubpenguin.com/ I'm Go Brighteye, And I usually log onto sever Husky

www.neopets.com/ I'm Brightpaww

www.weebly.com/ I'm Brightpaww

That's all the sites I know for now! If I find any more cool ones, I'll be sure to keep you updated!