How to Submit a Story

Here is what you have to do to submit a story:
You need to be a 'friend' to submit a story. If you are a 'friend,' you know who you are. 'Friends' also know my E-mail that I check often enough for me to put your story. If you are a friend and know my E-mail and you want to submit a story, in your E-mail you have to supply the following:

Your Nickname! Just submit your nickname, not your real name, NO PERSONAL INFO! If you want to be Anymoyus, then okay. Also don't submit your E-mail if you want to stay safe.

The title of your story! Also Submit the title of your story, which is what the page will be called, and the title will be used on the page so everyone can reconize your story.

Your Editor's Note! Leave a note, a description about the story maybe. Also in this note you can notify if you are not done with this story ((If you aren't done, then friends please E-mail me the rest later)). If there is something wrong that you can't help, than also put it in this note.

No Personal Info! No personal info included! This includes Name, Gender, Phone number, adress, state, country, zip code, or anything else important that relates to you! If we cath one thing like that, your story and page will be deleted permanetly!