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Editor's note: I hope you enjoy the tales of Pesky little Cloud, his pesky friend Stone, and the leader-of-Deathpack Ripple. Have a good reading and enjoy the tales of the two ((Or now is it three?)) packs. Also, if there are random little lines somewhere, I beg your pardon, it won't go away on Microsoft word. The Authour notes they are not done, and they will finish and will post the whole story soon.

Story one: The rise of Cloud


Leader: Silver- Silver husky with dull blue eyes, a female

After(when the leader dies, the after takes her place): Ripple: Confident black alaskan marmatute, white with black spots. Male second-in-command

Healer(Dog who heals wounds): Iceberg- a snowy colered female husky with deep blue eyes

Senior Fighters(Fighters who the leader trusts, most likely to become Afters): Tundra- brown colored husky with yellow eyes that go through you, a female

Hawk- Dark gray husky with amber eyes, a male

Autumn- A yellow, orange and brown male husky

Fighters(dogs who have been apprentices and have finished training): Raven- Black male young fighter

Leaf- a yellow female husky, just finished training. Always kind and fair.

Twig- light tan female husky, agressive sometimes but always loyal
Snowflake- Elegant female white husky with green eyes

Robin- deep brown red with white spots, a female husky

Apprentices(dogs who are training to become fighters of healers): Lava- Fire red wise female husky, her mentor is Snowflake

Flame- deep brown husky with amber eyes, his mentor is Ripple

Blossom- shy white female husky, her mentor is Iceberg

Stone- Confident strong gray male husky, his mentor is Autumn

Cloud- pokey white husky with turquoise eye, a male. His mentor is Silver.

Nurses(dogs having or expecting pups): Cinder- a gray husky with deep blue eyes

Root- a small, dusky brown female dog

Pups(dogs who are about to be apprentices): Sky- calm tan pup, her mother is Root and her father is Hawk

Moon- A light brown husky, sister of Sky

Smoke- Light gray curios male pup, his father is Ripple and his mother is Cinder

Ash- small deep gray pup, sister of Smoke

Resters(old fighters that have retired): Sparrow- male brown elder husky with a white chest with black spots, the oldest dog in Icepack

Sun- Eletric yellow female dog

"Moth! Go!" yapped the master of the huskys'. The tan husky slowed down with each step. "Up! Moth! Get UP!" Moth yapped as her master hit her with the hard-rope. "Ow!' Yowled Moth as her master smiled. "Yes, bark again, little dog." Storm looked at Moth, disappointed. "I'm sorry you had to use the hard-rope." he said. "Some dogs say you have to be crazy to get a whipe from him, but I've too got one myself." the sled continued down the hill and to the mountains. "You had to get a whip! You had to get a whip!" jeered Sharpclaw, who had never gotten a whip himself. "You can say that just because you're perfect, dummy!" yowled Ruby, the red husky. The sleigh was going faster, and Moth and Storm had to hurry to catch up to the other sled dogs. "Hey, wait up!" the puppy Cloud tumbled up to his mother and father. Storm sighed. "Cloud, not again. We've told you not to behave badly and pick on the people who get whipped by the hard-rope. You got hit once, you know." Cloud gaped his jaws into a yawn. "I know, father! But these people.... it's rather amusing!" Moth glanced sternly at her son. "Cloud.... would you laugh if you got hit yourself?" Cloud shrugged. "Probably. Maybe so." Moth sighed and mover on with Storm. It was a cold, hark day at the Clifford Creak in
Alaska. The huskys dragged themselves to the top of the mountain and rested before going down, known when to go from the hard-rope. Master would smack them down the hill. Cloud ran ahead of his team, even infront of the husky leading the sled, Sharpclaw. Cloud ran down the hill and skidded into a stop before everyone else.

Everyone should know who their story is about: And I will tell you. The mighty tan husky pulling the sled is the mighty Sharpclaw, who likes to taunt. Then comes Braveheart and Ruby. Braveheart is a popular female gold-wolf and Ruby is red and a very talented young female husky, Cloud's age but more mature. Then comes Moon and Storm. Moon is a silver and white male with deep, friendly blue eyes and Storm is a dark gray and white husky with a nice attitude. Last of all comes Moth and Cloud. Cloud is a white male jisky who loves to play. And Moth is a brown female husky, mates with Storm and her pup is Cloud.

"Shrew shrew!" Cloud froze in the snow and looked up at the calling eagle. "You're so stupid! Shrew!" Cloud barred his teethe. "You're the most stupidest, ugliest, dumbest, eagle I've ever--" "Never mind you're nonsense, young none." said Braveheart. "Hey Sharpclaw, why don't you quiet down the eagle?" "Yeah!" yowled Moon. The four huskys who hated Sharpclaw looked at eachother. "Master can do it!' yapped Ruby, getting the attention of Moon. "You're right." he said, thoughtfully. "I'm not going to stand here all day to see Sharpclaw bark at a tree." Cloud smiled. "I'll do it!" he ran up to the master and pointed his snout at the eagle. Master yowled and grabbed a black stick. The eagle flew away.

The sled jingled on through the mountains, and into a valley. A few people were shopkeepers in the valley, and Master sometimes stopped to buy some wine and bread. Occasionally Master would rip a piece or two of bread off and throw it on the ground so a husky could get it. But the sled trudged on. One day they came to a shop that sold rich, hot meat for a cheap price. Master would buy three pieces, put two on the ground for his sled, and have one for himself. Itwas never a cheerful ride in the mountains, Storm thought, but it was better than nothing.

None of the sled team knew where they were going, or where they were going to stop. The huskys trudged on through the hills, being whipped, and yelled at.

"Can I have that piece?" Cloud asked Moth when her nose touched a roll that fell down. "Sure, but leave some for me." Cloud licked up the roll. "You know, there are some dogs that don't know the sled life." said Storm. "They have the easiest life ever." Cloud perked up. "Can you tell me that story?" Storm shrugged. "Sure. There are some dogs that don't have to pull a sled. They have their own master who loves them. They're plump enough, they even have extra food. And there are other huskys, fierce ones who pull bigger sleds. And wolves, which I've heard the legend that they're a type of Husky. They live in the wild and eat bones of mice and rabbits and such." Ruby turned to Moth, her friend. "Compared to the House dogs, we're tough, but to the Wild dogs, we're as soft as the House dogs."

The sled came to a stop by a waterfall. Cloud wiggled his paws, he loved swimming. The sled was thrown in the water, with the dogs. Their paws were churning water endlessly through the lake. A few fish leapt up, and Moth and Braveheart caught one in their mouth. Moth threw her fish off the side of the water and Braveheart ate hers. Then, the sled flew down.

The huskys started paddling when they got to the bottom. Their master took a while to get used to the ground, though when he did he pulled out the hard-rope and whipped Braveheart. Cloud started laughing as Braveheart rubbed her back. "OW!" she hissed. "Ha-ha." taunted Sharpclaw. Brvaeheart turned to him. "I'm your mate, Sharpclaw! You need to be a bit more nice to other dogs you know." Sharpclaw spat. "Be nice? I am nice! I don't hog the meat like some dogs do." He glared at Cloud. "I do not hog the meat!" Cloud snorted. "You do! Anyways, I get more meat because you get the breast and the breast is best."

"I don't want you to turn into a Sharpclaw, young man." Moth yapped at her son later. "Come on, Moth." Storm said. "He would never become a Sharpclaw. He was just fighting with Sharpclaw. And it is not fair how Sharpclaw gets the breast, the breast is best." Storm padded up to Cloud. "I agree with you." he muttered. "Cloud, did you know Braveheart and Sharpclaw are going to have a pup soon?" "Get moving!" Snapped the master, and whipped Moon with the hard-rope. "Keep moving! I'm getting hungry, and there's a meat shop at the end of this valley!" The husky's ears went up at the thought of meat, and Ruby's green eyes sparkled as the huskys dragged the sled up the hill and hurried down again, through the valley and to the stand. Sharpclaw got the breast and Cloud got a little of a leg. The Huskys' found a cave and settled in as the heard master snoring.

Cloud wandered out of the cave to meet a wild dog. "Hi." he said. The pup looked about his age. "Do you wanna play?" "Play?" The pup snarled. "I've got to serve my pack, excuse me. Now why did you bring the lazy dogs and the guys with no fur here? You're in Icepack's cave, and my packmates won't be happy. Snowpack would definitely take this as an advantage. Tonight's my first night out of our cave. Everyone went out, they were all hunting. But when we come back, you guys will be here... And this is my first night being trained. A fight already! Silver will be proud." The pup trotted off proudly. "Wait." Cloud said sternly. "I want to see Silver. This pack stuff sounds interesting." the gray pup raised his head. "It is interesting! My name's Stone, by the way. I'll meet you in the morning. Tell your packmates… I mean, friends that a wild dog threatened us to move, while we move the no fur guy. We've done it before." Cloud smiled. "Alright, I have a little time in the morning until the sled leaves. Meet you then." Stone nodded and padded off. "Bye." he said, before she disappeared behind a tree.

 "We have to get out of this cave!" Cloud yowled to his friends and family. "Why?" Growled Sharpclaw. "Because you say so?" "Cloud, why?" Ruby, Cloud's friend, looked at him. "Because of the Wild dogs! They came up to me and said to get out or die." Moth looked at Cloud. "Is this true? We know you like to play tricks, but is this true?" Cloud hated lying to his mom, but shook his head. "Yes."

Cloud woke up from a tree root. He stretched and saw Stone signaling to him with his paw: Hey was with another dog, a ruby colored one like Ruby. "This is Lava." Stone said. "She is one of my friends. Anyways, pup, do you want to come, or not?" Cloud looked to his family. "I'll come." He snapped. He bounded over to the pack he would soon call home.

"Now, Stone, what do we have here?" A silver dog said cooly to Stone. Stone bowed his head. "I'm very sorry, Silver." "Sorry catches nothing." said Silver. "And you seem to have brought a softie into Icepack. We have to rest in the pine part of our territory. Snowpack was probaly watching." Stone bowed his head. "Silver, this is Cloud. He's determined to join Icepack." After a heartbeat, Silver turned to Cloud. "He's too soft." She barked. Cloud's fur bristled. "I'm not soft!" He yowled. "The house-dogs with chicken are soft." A murmur rippled throughout the pack. "I agree." Lava said. "He isn't soft." "I believe so!" snapped Silver. "This dog takes hunting as a sport. He has even tasted chicken." All of the dogs gasped and eyed Cloud. "Only the softest dogs eat that!" Yowled a alaskan marmatute. Silver smiled. "See? Ripple agrees. We have the best after ever." "I don't think he should be leader!" Stone yowled. Silver hissed. "You just became an apprentice, Stone, that is not the way to treat your leader. Cloud is too soft to join." "I've just became an apprentice too." Lava said, "But I can tell when my leader is wrong!" Cloud looked at Stone. "Will you back off from a challenge?" he said. Cloud held his breath and pounced on top of Silver.

He landed right where he had pinpointed: On Silver's shoulders. Cloud unsheathed his claws and scratched Silver's back. Silver pinned Cloud to the ground. Cloud wouldn't give up. The fight was long from over. Cloud bowled his paws against Silver's chest. Silver, surprised about Cloud's fighting skills, rolled over. Cloud got up and faced Silver. "Let me join." He spat, "Or I'll kill you." Silver smiled. "You cannot kill me, young one. You are already an apprentice: my apprentice."

"You're awesome!" Stone told Cloud after training. "I saw how you fought Silver from a pine tree. We should carry this squirrel back together. I caught it." Stone said, filled with pride. "It's as big as me. It's sooo big, both of us have to carry it!" Cloud was impressed with Stone's catch. It's not my fault he might become a warrior before me. He thought, he started training before me. Well, maybe a few minutes, but he had known how to hunt since he was a kit! I wish I caught something like that, instead of having those listens with Silver. And when I went out, I only caught one mouse! Cloud picked up the squirrel as he dragged it back to the Icepack cave with Silver.

Cloud heard a loud bark, and realized it was the voice of Silver. "Let all those who can fly through the snow attend here for an Icepack meeting!" Dogs padded out of the dens, and nursers out of the nursery. "Yay!" Cloud looked up to see an apprentice smiling. "Flame," Silver said, "You seem to have done well on your assessment. Ripple, do you think Flame should become a fighter?" Ripple bowed his head. "I do." "Then you are a fighter of Icepack." Silver said.

"Autum! Cloud! Stone!" Silver yowled. The three dogs zoomed up to Silver. "Go check our border with Snowpack." Silver said. "Renew the scent marks." Cloud nodded and then realized how much he knew the pack now: He even smelled like a pack dog! Cloud went over to the border to find a sharp smell: the smell of cold snow. "Snowpack." He hissed under his breath. He marked the Tallpine, the tallest tree in the woods.

"Why don't you hunt?" Autumn suggested. Stone and Cloud nodded as they ran off. Cloud saw an eagle. He climbed up a pile of snow and leaped on top of the eagle. The eagle weighed too much, it was pulling Cloud up! Stone then leapt ontop of the eagle. the two apprentiences dragged it to the ground. Autumn watched with an amused look on his face. "Cloud, that was some super-catch." He snickered. "I've never seen a dog do that before. Can you teach me?" Cloud smiled. "You need two dogs. One jumps ontop of the flying bird and pulls it down a little. Then the other dog leaps on top of the prey and it falls down." Autumn smiled. "I'm impressed. How did you learn this?" Cloud smiled. "We did it all the time." Autumn smiled. "Well, the eagle's as big as you! Here comes a hawk. Can I try?" Cloud nodded. "Sure." Autumn got on top of the hawk. Cloud leapt on top of it and the hawk was pulled down. They killed it with a death bite.

At the end of the training session, they had three voles, four giant birds, and a mouse. The three dogs had to go one by one to carry the prey in. Icepack welcomed in the three dogs, and gasped at all the prey. Silver watched her apprentice pad proudly into the cave. "your apprentice taught us all to catch hawk and eagle." Autumn said. "Usually they catch us and use us as prey, but we caught them. Snowpack must of never heard of such a skill." Silver smiled. "I will end the day with a training session with Cloud."

Cloud was about to go to sleep in the apprentice's den when he heard a screech: He rushed with Stone and Autumn to see the noise. A hawk was lifting Smoke, a pup, into the sky. "Stop!" Yowled Autumn. But Ash, Smoke's sister, leapt up to the hawk. The hawk scratches her. But the hawk still had Smoke. Stone rushed Ash to the Healer's den where Blossom greeted Stone.

"He never should of joined!" Yowled Ripple and Flame. "He taught the pups how to hunt for hawks! And look, off they go!" Growled Flame. Stone went over to Flame. "This morning, we were in the same den, you know." He hissed. "And Cloud didn't do it either, I know who did it." Stone looked out into the croud. "Who did it? Anyone? No? Was it you, Silver?" Silver looked tooken aback. "Stone, you're an apprentice. This is a job for a leader." Stone turned his amber eyes to Silver. "Is that a yes or a no?" He hissed. "NO!" Silver growled. Stone prowled around the Icepack cave, and only a few dogs were left. "Blossom? Was it you?" "No." Blossom said. "Maybe it was Oak, the Snowpack leader." Cloud suggested. Ripple and Flame exchanged a glance.


An owl hooted as a bunch of Icepack senior fighters charged out of the Icepack cave. They were muttering silently to themselves. Silver was among them. “Come on.” She growled. “Maybe Stone the detective and Cloud the house-dog should come with us.” Cloud was glad to be assigned to an important mission by his leader, but he didn’t like how Silver mentioned his name.


The bunch of dogs stopped by the Tallpine, marking the border. Icepack dogs, unlike Snowpack dogs, didn’t like water and were very fast. The dogs in the group, who were Cloud, Stone, Ripple, Autumn, Tundra, Hawk, and Silver ignored the border and simply stepped over it.


“Maybe we should have had proof before we have done this.” Tundra said softly. “We aren’t sure that Oak did this.” Hawk nodded. “Tundra is right.” He said. “She said we need to have proof. A traitor might be here this very second.” A hush fell over the group. “Well, I’m not the traitor!” snorted Ripple. “And we do have proof! Everyone in Icepack is perfectly loyal.” Silver nodded. “Yes, I agree.” She said to Ripple.


The group marched on until they got the the soggy pine trees and lakes of Snowpack territory. The Snowpack camp was on an island in the middle of the water. Ripple stopped before his paw touched the water. “I’m not going in there!” He retorted. Cloud hesitated. “I’ll go.” He said. “I used to like water before I joined Icepack.” Cloud pulled himself into the water. The cold, murky feeling swept into his fur. Cloud waded into the shallow.  The water started to get deep and Cloud couldn’t touch the ground. Cloud started swimming to the other side. He finally got up on the other side and shook his thick fur.


Stone slid in next. He winced as the water soaked into his fur, but then he started paddling quickly. Stone climbed out at the other side and flicked his tail for the next dog to go.


Autumn went next. He slid in gracefully and then swam to the other side. His paws churned up water quickly and strongly. In a few seconds, Autumn was on the other side.


Tundra glanced at the water for a long time before she got in. Tundra gasped, held her breath, and jumped in. She popped up and swam awkwardly to the other side.


Hawk looked at Tundra on the island. He ran, then jumped in halfway across. Then he swam as fast as he could to the other side.


It took a lot of trouble to get Ripple to the other side. He said a lot of things such as ‘Icepack dogs don’t swim!’ He kept give retorts until Silver pushed him in. Ripple yowled and swam to the other side.


Silver went last. She sighed and then jumped in. She swam awkwardly to the other side.


Cloud looked at his surroundings. The Snowpack camp had a lot of pines and a big lake in the middle. Apprentices were playing in the lake ((‘Why shouldn’t they be out training?’ hissed Stone)), splashing water.  


The group of dogs padded along until they got to the Snowpack deputy, Kestrel. “What do you want on our side of the border?” She hissed. “I want a sharp word with your leader, if you dare.” Silver growled. Kestrel nodded and signaled to Oak’s den.


“We have a little pack of dogs wanting to see you!” called Kestrel. A dark brown dog with yellow eyes strutted out of his den. “What do you want?” He said coolly. “I don’t allow Icepack dogs strutting into our territory.” Silver barred her teeth. “Let’s try to get through this without fighting.” Tundra hissed in Silver’s ear. Silver sighed. “I wasn’t strutting, Oak.” She growled. Oak leaned closer. “And what’s this?” He asked coolly. “Silver, you have done it again. You have brought a puppy into Icepack.” Kestrel twitched her ears. “He is not a softie!” Silver said. “Cloud has proved himself loyal!” Cloud’s tail was twitching. “No, puppy-dogs are too soft.” Oak sneered. “I AM NOT SOFT!” Cloud growled. He leapt on top of Oak. Oak didn’t notice the attack. Cloud then pinned Oak down and scratched his chest. Oak yowled and ran away. “That will teach you right!” Cloud yowled after him.


“Now, did you, or did you not teach our pups to hunt?” Cloud growled to a frightened Kestrel. “N- No, s-si-sir.” Kestrel stammered. “Just, please, Snowpack will leave Icepack in peace! Just do not show us one of your moves again!” Kestrel backed away slowly from Cloud.


“Nice way to take on a leader!” Stone said. “I’ve never ever seen a dog do that! Stand up to the other pack’s leader!” The story of Cloud, of course, had spread through the Icepack camp like Wildfire. Autumn, of course, was the first to hear of it. He encouraged the story.


“Nice take-on, Cloud!” he said. “Good way to handle my old leader?” Stone glanced at his old mentor. “What do you mean, old leader?” Autumn froze, He glanced around, and then gulped. “You see, I’ve never told anyone this story, not even Silver.” He said. “But Cloud, you’re my favorite apprentice, and you helped feed the pack with hawk and eagle.” Autumn glanced around. “You see,” He said, “I used to belong to Snowpack. My mother was named Boulder. But, I hated everything about Snowpack and secretly admired Icepack. My old name used to be Mole. But, I snuck over to Icepack. My mother doesn’t know I’m Mole.”


“I need a training session!” Silver yowled. She glanced at Autum. “Cloud is my apprentice, not yours.” She said. Autum swiftly dipped his head and backed up.


 Cloud entered the mossy, scented den. Silver lifted her paw. “It’s about time you become a fighter.” She told Cloud. Cloud’s jaws dropped. “Already? I mean, I just joined Icepack! The next fighter should be Ruby or Stone!” Silver looked at Cloud with her dull blue eyes. “Cloud,” She said, “You deserve to be a fighter. You have taught the pack a lot of lessons.” Cloud nodded softly and looked at Silver. “But I still get to be an apprentice for two moons… right?” Silver smiled at Cloud. “Maybe you can still be an apprentice if you bring back enough to hunt.” Cloud nodded and sprang off into Icepack territory. He brought down a few mice and an eagle. He brought down two hawks and a few robins. He took his prey back to Icepack.


Ripple looked at Cloud’s prey. He went and whispered something to Flame and then the two dogs padded up to him together. “What are you doing?” Ripple asked. “Going on an assessment for Silver.” Cloud barked. Flame looked at Cloud. “I ORDER YOU TO STOP!” He hissed. Cloud looked at Flame, annoyed. “We were in the same den a few suns ago.” He yapped. Ripple gave a sly smile at Cloud.


“You know, Cloud,” He said slyly, “You know we were the ones who gave the pups hunting lessons. We told the pups to go out and look for the biggest eagle they could find.  And you cannot tell your little buddy, or we will tell Silver you told the pups.” Flame nodded. “And please, be quiet. We have claws and the best fighting moves.”


Cloud sadly padded into the apprentice’s den. He told Stone the story when he was sure Ripple and Flame weren’t there. “Scary, huh?” Stone said. “I bet you whenever Ripple hears that he’ll get you.”  Cloud nodded. “It’s not funny.” “Hey!” Raven called. “You’ve forgotten your kill.” Cloud glanced out. “Sorry. I’ll take some to Sparrow, Sun, Cinder, and Root.”  He said. “I’ll come with you.” Stone said.


The nursery scented of warm scents and milk. Twig was already there, visiting the pups. “I just wanted to say hello. Now, what are you here for?” she asked.  “Cloud and I are giving prey to Cinder and Root.” Said Stone. “Maybe the pups could have some, if they’re old enough…” “Oh right.” Cinder said. “Ash is old enough.” Cinder said. “C’mere, pup. Come on!” The trembling Ash padded awkwardly to face Cloud. Ash kind-of stumbled at each step she took. “Hello.” She muttered. Cinder faced Cloud.


“She’s been worried ever since the hawk took Smoke.” She said. “She just got out of the den. She was scratched badly, but I didn’t think that something that bad would affect her brain. She was muttering such as ‘It’s all my fault,’ and ‘Cloud should know.’ And she thinks you’re her hero, padding around.” Ash blushed.  


Cinder gratefully took the prey and gave a little to Ash. Ash ate it silently. Stone then took an eagle to Root, who thanked them. Moon stared wide-eyed at the eagle. “What’s that?” He asked curiously. “Meat.” Root said sternly. Moon’s eyes glowed. “Do you think I could eat it?” He asked. “No.” said Root.


Stone and Cloud left the nursery and grabbed some prey: Cloud got a plump rabbit and Stone a small, tawny stringy hawk. The two of them entered the Rester’s den, where they saw Sparrow and Sun. Sun padded over to greet them. Cloud gave the plump rabbit to Sun and Stone gave the hawk to Sparrow.


Leaf looked at Cloud. “So you’re the new one.” She said stiffly. “How do you hunt and fight like that? Your moves outwit the Snowpack leader.” Cloud looked around. “I learned them from Sharpclaw. He pulled our sled.” Leaf froze. “Did you say Sharpclaw?” Cloud nodded. Leaf looked around. “Sharpclaw was in the packs. He was born in Snowpack, but then he wanted a pack of his own. The pack was called Deathpack.”  Stone smirked. “And you could beat that pack.” He said. “Not really.” Leaf said. “I knew those moves were familiar, and they were so good… We had to join up with Snowpack to drive Deathpack out of the forest. Sharpclaw was the leader, and his deputy was an Alaskan marmatute named Papaya. Papaya is Ripple’s father.” She added.


“Sharpclaw surrended, and now he isn’t bothering the packs. But there are two dogs remaining who want to build Deathpack back up, and to get revenge. Those are the dogs who taught the pups how to hunt. I believe one is in Snowpack, we are searching because we believe it is Kestrel or Oak, and one here, who we believe is…” Leaf turned away from Stone. “You better watch out, I believe that friend of yours is your friend to take you over. And here we believe it is Stone or Blossom.” Cloud froze.


Leaf then padded away. Cloud knew both of them were wrong, the dogs were both in Icepack. The dogs were Ripple and Flame! It was simple. “They think you taught the pups how to hunt!” Cloud yapped to Stone. “And it’s Flame and Ripple…” “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Cloud spun around to see Ripple and Flame. Ripple was scowling and Flame’s mouth was in the shape of a snarl. “I was telling Stone about how brave you are.” Choked Cloud. “Then you must know my history!” Said Ripple. “Go ahead, say it.”  Cloud looked at Flame. He sneered. “Um… Ripple was a proud apprentice of Icepack who was ready to save the day.” The word’s were thrown out of Cloud’s mouth.


“Ripple! What are you doing?” Leaf yowled. She leaned torwards Cloud. “We can’t afford to lose our after because of Deathpack.” She said. “Move! Stone has to eat his prey!” Leaf said. Lava smiled coldly. “Guess you better get away from the dangerous dog.” She smirked. Stone’s jaw dropped. “Who’s side are you on?” He growled. “Please, no fighting!” Raven said as he passed.


Cloud needed some alone time. He stalked out into the Icepack territory. The sun was setting in the direction of Tallpine. Some snow was melted. Cloud looked around to hear voices. “Come on!” They yowled. Cloud hid behind a gorse bush and peeked.


Raven, Leaf, and Robin were padding along the territory. “we need to find that Stone!” Yowled Leaf. “Have you noticed how the things are getting to him? Did you notice how he was acting important when he was searching for the pup-taker?” Lava padded along with them. “But Stone seems so nice.” She said softly. “And Kestrel!” Said Raven. “She’s the other dog!” Lava bowed her head. “I still think it’s Blossom.” She said. Robin, deep eyes that stare through you like a hawk looking at prey, she said with her sharp, high-pitched voice: “You think it’s Blossom? It’s Stone! Blossom helped heal Ash! Why would Blossom try to kill Ash but heal her?” Cloud had heard enough. “I guess it’s Stone.” Said Lava. “Let’s tell Silver.


“GET AWAY FROM MY PUPS!” screeched Root as Stone was about to visit her pups. Root had clawed and bit Stone’s leg until it was bleeding unstoppable. “I guess Leaf has spread the story.” Stone said.


Stone was licking his leg. “Why don’t you do a good deed, like feed the resters?” Autumn asked Stone. Stone nodded. “Maybe the elder’s haven’t heard.” He said miserably.


But the resters had heard enough. “GET OUT OF HERE!” Screeched Sparrow, clawing Stone’s chest. In seconds, he was having trouble breathing. “BLOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!” Called Cloud. “Your friend Stone here is having trouble um… breathing!” Blossom appeared behind some bushes. She gasped and then pulled Stone into the healer’s den, where Iceberg was waiting.


“You told Blossom to heal him?” Leaf growled in her low stern voice. “Course! He’ll never get it!” Robin’s screechy high-pitched voice said. “He’s Cloud’s best friend!”


Cloud decided to go hunting and then have a practice fight with Lava. Cloud appeared by the border where there lay Oak: Dead. “KESTREL!” Yowled Cloud. “THE PACK OF SKY WANTS YOU TO BECOME LEADER!” Kestrel approached the dead Oak. “No… no…” Kestrel snuggled into Oak’s fur. Cloud looked into the claws of Oak: The color was cream. “Is there anyone in Snowpack with tan fur?” Cloud asked. “Well, there is me.” Kestrel said, frightened. “And Milk.” Cloud thought of the mighty picture that haunted his dreams. “And Sharpclaw.” The two dogs stopped and looked around. “I’ve wished I’ve told you earlier.” Kestrel said. “In the Shadow territory beyond Snowpack territory, there is three huskys roaming around. One a marmatute, I could of sworn to Skypack that it was Papaya. And there was a deep brown red one, who looked like a fire. Also there was a tan one… I was foolish to not know it was Sharpclaw, building Deathpack right up again.”


Cloud flexed his claws. They had gotten long: Longer had they ever then since he pulled the sled. He had gotten fiercer, tougher, greater.


“There’s a sled coming by!” Yowled Silver. “Cloud, you go manage the soft dogs who are pulling it.” Cloud nodded and ran off.


First, he noticed the sled was set up just like his old one. There was a tan husky pulling it and the others trailing behind. Second, he realized this was his old sled. Third, he found out that the sled was just going around in endless circles! How dumb before had he been to not notice that.


Cloud pin-pointed his target: Braveheart. Then he leapt. Braveheart felt the attack. In a matter of seconds, the young small husky had pinned the soft, aged one down. “Get off Icepack territory!” Cloud hissed. Braveheart yowled suddenly and sprang back.


“Moth, Storm, Lava.” Cloud hissed. “Come here.” Moth and Lava, stunned, wonder why the strange, wild dog had known their names, stepped forward, frightened. “What do you want?” Storm growled, standing his ground. Storm tried to sound braver than he was. “To say something. Wanna fight?” Cloud growled. Storm hesitated, then stepped forward. “Guys, this is Cloud. I joined Icepack. I’m happy there. Tell Sharpclaw to shut up.” Cloud nodded and stepped back.

“Deathpack leader!” Cloud yowled as he left. “Stupid Deathpack! They’ll never stand a chance against Icepack!” Sharpclaw turned his head. “So Icepack it still resting here?” He jeered, “Well, I thought they would of given up by now. Icepack, the swiftest pack! That doesn’t mean they’re best at battle-moves.” Sharpclaw rolled his eyes. “Icepack! The swift tree-kissers! Snowpack! The Shadowy graceful ones! Deathpack! The best! Deathpack knows their fighting moves.”


“Papaya was the best deputy.” Said Sharpclaw. “I loved him! He had big ambitions, which encouraged him.” Cloud thought of Ripple. “Watch out, he could of killed to become leader.” He sneered. “What are you talking about?” Braveheart asked. Sharpclaw ignored her. “No, Papaya is the best.” He said. “And his son Ripple and his friend are re-building it with me.”

Cloud returned to the camp. He filled Stone in with the story. Stone’s jaw dropped. He gasped. “Let all dogs able to fly through the snow attend here for an Icepack meeting!” Yowled Silver.


“Flame will be Ash’s mentor.” She said. A lot of yowling came from Icepack. Flame was the most popular dog in Icepack, besides Ripple. He was also young. A lot of dogs were pleased to see him with an apprentice at last.


“BOO!” Yowled Stone. “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOO-“ Silver gave Stone a look that made him shut-up.


“Wake up!” Cloud said to Stone. Stone got up and followed Cloud in the night. Cloud’s old sled was parked infront of a tree in Snowpack territory. And then, there were four dogs building Deathpack. Cloud went out of Icepack territory to see the dogs.


“You’re on Icepack territory!” Growled Ash. “And we aren’t returning to Icepack!” Ripple called. “Tell Silver that I wanted to make my own pack! I’m leader, of course, with Sharpclaw as my after. Ash is my healer, and Flame is one of my senior fighters.” Stone nodded sharply. “As I see. I’ll tell Silver.”


“And Ripple was the one to build of Deathpack with Sharpclaw and Flame!” Said Cloud. Silver nodded. “But Sharpclaw is weak. His pack will do no harm.” Silver yowled for a meeting, all the dogs came. “Who here is friends with Ripple?” Everyone nodded or said “yes” but Autumn, Stone, Cloud, Tundra, Hawk, Root, and Moon. “He made a pack. Deathpack. Whoever wants to join can go over there now. There are off the edge of our territory, and half of it’s territory if on the edge of Snowpack territory. If you want to join, go to the entrance.” Robin and Leaf padded out of the cave and into the new pack.


“I can’t believe it.” Stone muttered. “A new pack, and two loyal fighters join!” Autumn looks at Stone. “We should train.” He mutters. “Cloud, go have a session with Silver. Today is your assignment. If you pass them, you shall become fighters.”


Silver nodded when Cloud came in. “Today is your assignment.” She said. “You can get one of these on Hunting and one of these on fighting; you could get Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations, Acceptable, Bad, horrible, and worst.”


Cloud fought Silver with all his moves, and in a matter of seconds he had her pinned down. Silver nodded and Cloud got off of her.


Cloud returned from hunting with an eagle and a crow. Stone came back with three tawny mice. They dropped the prey at their mentor’s feet and the mentor told their apprentice their grade.


“I did fine.” Stone said. “An exceeds expectations at hunting and a acceptable at fighting. But who cares about fighting?” He said happily. “I got an Outstanding at fighting and an Acceptable with Hunting.” Cloud said. “You’re retaking the fighting test tomorrow, and I’m taking the hunting test tomorrow.” Stone nodded.


Cloud went out hunting. This time he did very well: Five eagles, a shrew, and the biggest rabbit he had ever seen. He then got an Outstanding at hunting, and Cloud knew his ceremony would be held soon. “I got an Exceeds Expectations now.” Stone said. “We’re fighters soon!”


“I got Outstanding at my first try at herbs!” Blossom said. She was smiling. “I got an Outstanding at hunting and a bad at fighting.” Lava said gloomily. Stone gave a silent laugh.


Root and Cinder looked around. Cinder was now back to being a fighter. Cinder scowled because her Ash was in Deathpack. Lava padded up to her mentor.


“Half moon!” Yowled Silver. “Come on! All of the fighters, senior fighters, healers, afters, come! The chosen apprentices can come: Stone and Cloud. We are meeting with the other packs tonight at the Tallpine.” Cloud, who didn’t know what was going on, followed Stone to the Tallpine where Kestrel and Ripple were on the branch of a pine tree. Silver zoomed up the tree and looked down at all the Huskys.


“Packs from my pack have came to join Deathpack.” Said Silver. “Kestrel, who are those dogs?” Kestrel bowed her head. “Unfortunately three of my dogs have joined. Milk, Summer, and Claw are now in Deathpack.” “Who is your after, Silver?” sneered Ripple. “My after is Tundra.” Silver said coolly.


“Ash from Icepack is healer. Milk is a nurser, she is having pups. Flame is a senior fighter. Robin is a fighter, Leaf is a fighter. Summer, the young dog, is my apprentice. Claw is a senior fighter.” Ripple said. He turned out to face the croud. “Any questions?” He muttered through the end of his lip. Kestrel, the Snowpack leader, leapt to her feet. “You’re pack was the one who killed Oak!” yowled Kestrel. “I want my dogs back!”

“We like it here!” Summer snarled back. “We are noble Icepack dogs now. Leaders have five lives, right? Ripple took away Oak’s last one! Now Skypack gave you your five… Ripple doesn’t need that stupid pack of Sky.” Claw snarled. “Here we’re safe!” Leaf called. “We have a noble leader!” “Leader, leader.”  Sharpclaw said. “Can my mate join?” Everyone turned to look at Braveheart. “Sure.” Ripple said.


The meeting was too short. Cloud found himself in the apprentice’s den in no time with Lava, Stone, and Blossom. Lava nuzzled Stone and Stone nuzzled Lava before they fell asleep.


Cloud eventually knew that Stone and him were going to become fighters. “Come on Stone, get away from Lava.” Cloud taunted. Stone was usually dragged away with help from Twig and Cloud. “You’ve got to get away from your girlfriend and start hunting!” Cloud snorted.


Stone was the best hunter, he usually caught ten hawks. This time Stone caught twelve and Cloud caught three. They also brought in a few mice.


“Good hunting.” Silver said. Cloud nodded, his mouth full of hawk and eagle he was carrying in. “Mmfabazuka.” Stone said. “What?” Silver said. Stone spit out the eagle. “When can we be warriors?” He asked. Silver smiled. “Soon. Today, really. It’s the quarter moon today. New fighters will be accepted.” Cloud looked around. “I don’t want to be a fighter.” He said.


“What?” Stone said. “Fighters are the jobs of the packs, all apprentice become fighters, you can’t just chose to be an apprentice forever!”
”No, because I haven’t trained enough.” Cloud said. “I need to know the ways of the packs, I want to hear more history.” Silver looked at Cloud with her dull blue eyes. “You are going to be a fighter tonight.”


The next morning, Cloud woke up. He wanted to smell the mossy familiar scent of the apprentice’s den, but instead he smelled the damp, smelly sandy scent of the warrior’s den. The three new warriors, Lava, Stone, and Cloud were lying down awkwardly, and they only slept little chunks of time. “Wake up.” Twig said, shaking them. Snow looked into their eyes. “Three new fighters.” She said. “Welcome to the den.”                

Cloud didn’t know the duties of the fighter. He woke up with Stone and Lava and stretched his long paws. He decided to go see Tundra so he could be set on something to do. He then reached the after. “Do what fighters do.” The small husky said.  “Mark the borders. Surf the places. Hunt for Icepack.” Cloud nodded. He gathered Stone up and brought him to patrol. On the way he met Kestrel, whom Stone had to pull him away from, and then they hunted. They caught eleven hawks together and they brought their prey back to camp.


The two went to check the Deathpack border. They marked their side of the border with the Icepack scents, of lily pads and melted ice. The Deathpack side smelled of rubbish and garbage.


Cloud dropped Stone off with Lava and he went to check out the new apprentice: Ash. Tundra was her mentor. Ash so far was learned slowly for her first day, and she seemed tired.  “Cloud, my friend!” Tundra said. Cloud turned around fast. “May you help me with Ash?” Cloud turned to Ash. He was never a mentor, so he didn’t know where to start. “First I want to see what you know.” Cloud said as Ash’s claws slid out of her paw. “With plain paws.” He said as the claws slid back in.


Cloud pounced on Ash. Ash moved out of the way and smashed into Tundra. Cloud tumbled down and ran torwads Ash again. He leapt over Ash and then Ash spun around. Cloud got onto Ash’s shoulders and pinned her down.


Cloud had had a good day as a fighter. He went to the fighter’s den to find Stone wide-eyed and happy about something. “Whatcha happy about?” Cloud asked. Stone spun around. “C-Cloud.” He stammered. “I c-can’t believe it. I b-believe Ash will have p-pups.” Cloud’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “WHAT? You as a father doesn’t come into my brain.” He said. Stone nodded.
”She’s a nurser already.”


Cloud fell asleep in the sandy fighter’s den. Being a full warrior was hard work. Now two dogs were in the den: Cloud and Snow. Stone padded in a short time afterwards. Cloud fell asleep fully, to tired to think.  

Cloud then again woke up in the same, sandy smelly den. Today it smelled of fish, and cloud realized today was the time of the great fishing. How could of he forgotton? He had loved fishing before… he jumped up and raced out of the den, excited of the great fishing.


Deathpack was the last ones to get to the great fishing, and Snowpack and Icepack were about to start without them. First the leaders spoke.


“Welcome to the great fishing!” Kestrel called. Her after, Sand, a small sandy color and white dog, was standing at her feet. Silver was next to speak, with Tundra at her feet. “Snowpack have been nice enough to let us fish in their lake.” Silver said. “Icepack thank you. Now Ripple, you may have a word for Deathpack.” Silver bowed her head and backed up.


“Thank you.” Ripple said. “We may ask for a favor from Icepack and Snowpack. May we have…” Ash began to choke, but Ripple ignored her. “More territory.” He said in Kestrel and Silver’s face. Kestrel’s orange eyes turned red as she did when she was mad, and Silver’s dull blue eyes looked more commanding. “NO!” Kestrel yowled. “You have enough on your side of the border!” “Fine with you.” Ripple said calmly, as he was just asking for a mouse instead of a chunk of land. It was clear he wanted to take time on this moment, and cherish the leader’s reactions. “I’ll come over and fight your clan. Deathpack’s getting good, Sharpclaw’s taught me some new good ones…” Ash seemed to be crying into her paws. Her large eyes were filled with sorrow.


The fishing was cancled. Cloud’s head was hanging down when he walked back to camp with Stone. Stone didn’t say a word. Cloud decided to visit Lava the nurser.


The nursery was full of scents of treats and milk. When Cloud entered he turned to see Lava with her belly swollen. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Moon. Moon was crunching on a mouse. He sucked all the skin off. When he was sure mother wasn’t looking, Moon started chewing on the bone.


“MOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!” Sky called, looking at Moon. “Moon’s eating the bone again!” Root turned around.  “I wasn’t eating it.” Moon said. “I was chewing it.” Root still looked mad. “Moon, don’t chew everything you see!” She scolded. Moon was sad now, with his head down. “Sorry.” He muttered. But he still looked a little happy. When his mother wasn’t looking, Moon grinned.


Moon then poked around the nursery. He poked onto Lava. “Get off.” Lava grumbled. Moon then grunted and turned away. Sky giggled, and Root sniggered. “Don’t like your own son?” Stone said to Sky, and then she was quiet.


Cinder was in the fighter’s den, napping. Cloud decided to hunt with Stone. Cloud caught two hawks and Stone caught nine hawks. They also caught five shrews and two sparrows. They carried the prey back to the camp.


“Hey Cloud and Stone!” Autumn called. Cloud and Stone turned around. “Can you go with me to mark the Snowpack and Deathpack border?” Autumn asked. Cloud curtly nodded and Stone smiled and bounded over to his old mentor.


The three dogs padded over to the border. Autumn marked the border. Cloud marked the Snowpack one. “Snowpack.” Stone muttered under his breath. “My least favorite pack.”


On the way back, they met a foul smelling dog on their territory. Cloud didn’t know who it was. “Get off Icepack territory!” Autumn snarled. The dog spun around and looked at Cloud.


“Cloud, the legend!” The dog said. When Cloud heard the voice, he suddenly knew who is was. Cloud was about to be sick. “The rise of Cloud!” The voice said. “I ask for help.” Cloud rolled his eyes. “Ash, you’re not getting help.” He said. Ash nodded. “But Cloud, Ripple is driving me mad! We’ve got to drive him out!”

Cloud’s blue eyes glowed and he lashes his tail. It was red dawn, and the pine were slashing his tail, leaving marks to remember. He didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything in the world. It was the sensation of fighting. A powerful feeling poured into him, and he thought he could do anything, anything in the world that dared to approach him, he could do it, he knew it.


“Mmph! Cloud, get off!” Stone said. He then got on top of Cloud. Cloud shook his fur. He knew he was going to get carried away sometime… Then Cloud stopped by the Snowpack border. Over the border was three dogs: Shrew, Lemming, and a beautiful tan dog: Kestrel, the Snowpack leader, was on the other side of that border, looking at Cloud.


“Kestrel,” Said Cloud, about to invite Kestrel with them, when Stone and Lava stopped him. “We don’t need anymore help,” Stone growled in Cloud’s ear, but it was clear that Kestrel and the Snowpack dogs heard him.


“Help with what?” Kestrel demanded. “You don’t think the Snowpack leader and her two trustworthy dogs can help?” The two dogs around Kestrel growled and snarled. “I’m coming, no matter what!” Kestrel demanded. Ash sighed, but moved on.


The six dogs approached the Deathpack camp: A dump. Kestrel shuddered, but moved on with the other five dogs. When they entered the camp, they attacked.


Ripple was easy to get. Cloud handled him himself: Cloud pounced on him and gave him a death bite. Ripple was easily dead: Cloud had longed to see this day.


Flame was harder, but easy enough. Cloud put up a wrestle: Then he got on Flame and gave him the death bite. He was dead.


Then Sharpclaw: Cloud got a head start. He pounced on him. Then they put up a wrestle. Five minutes later: Sharpclaw was dead.


“Ash, you are now the leader of Deathpack.” Cloud said. Ash wheezed, and Cloud swore he could hear Kestrel cough. “Me?” wheezed Ash. “Well, to get started, whoever wants to be in Deathpack, err, I’m calling it now Meltedpack, will come.” Leaf stayed where she was, but Robin went along. Claw stayed, but Summer came. They all went to a springy field with a few flakes of snow. “This is Meltedpack territory!” Ash growled at Summer. “Robin, you are after. Summer, you are the healer. We need more dogs.”


Kestrel and her two Snowpack friends had went home, so had Autumn. Stone and Cloud gathered up a  few dogs. They went with their old friend, Robin. “Should of known Ripple was the traitor.” Robin said in her high pitched voice. Stone curtly nodded. “I’m a Fighter now.” He told her.


Robin jumped over a fence, leading to the human dens. Stone came next, Cloud last.